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Investing in Cuba: 1 key step Trump is unlikely to change

Trump will annouce changes to Cuba policy this week. You may be curious about investing in Cuba and be wondering if it will still be possible. This legal research article based on a teachable case study based on my personal experience describes … Continue reading

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Warsaw’s Latest Sustainability Report: thanks to those who made it happen (and why every city should do something like this)

Warsaw – capital of Poland and home to +1.7 million residents – recently published its latest sustainability report (a press release, executive summary, and the entire Warsaw Sustainability Report are available in English and in Polish / po Polsku). The … Continue reading

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Flipping Pyramids: anyone else think these ought to be inverted?

This post is a long time coming. There are at least two conceptual pyramids involved in our research and teaching in business schools that, while very useful, may be overdue for turning on their heads. Here they are, top-to-bottom: Carroll’s Corporate … Continue reading

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Being Happy … and Everything Else. Plus: Are You Happy?

There’s growing interest in happiness (or well-being/satisfaction) across academic disciplines. Want Happiness? Health, Age, Relationships & Work Matter.  A great primer on the basics is this podcast interview with Carol Graham of Brookings. Among other fascinating realities, Carol and interviewer Fred Dews discuss the … Continue reading

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UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw Opens

The UN Climate Change Conference (known as COP19/CMP9) has opened. Here are some reflections/updates, roughly 2-and-a-half days into the 13-day event: (1) the most powerful moment so far was the speech of the representative of the Philippines at the opening session, … Continue reading

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UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw to Engage with Stakeholders & Cities & Promote Replicable Best Practices & Measurement

According to several sources, the UN Climate Summit (November 11-22) in Warsaw, Poland (know as COP19/CMP9) will be noteworthy for a few reasons: (1)    A Range of Stakeholders Will Have Their Voices Heard.  Polish Environment Minister and President of the … Continue reading

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Question: What’s cybersecurity got to do with sustainability? Answer: Materiality.

A student once asked me what an article on Duties and Risks Related to Cyber-Extortion has in common with the other things I research. Previously, my answer was (paraphrasing the Brundtland Commission definition): “sustainability means thriving today in a way … Continue reading

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