Packing tip–but really life advice–try it!

My best Jedi meditation pose, on rim of Mount Aragats caldera, Armenia, 2013

A friend asked what carry-on to buy. This poured out:

“For what it’s worth, I’m learning it’s best to go simple, cheap, light (maybe even used) and then reuse until threadbare — and also to leave +50% of what’s packed at home, leaving the rest empty for gifts (either for folks one visits, or gifts to take back home).”

It hit me this might as well be life advice: (1) minimize (and keep simple) stuff (you’ll move faster, see and enjoy more, and experience less trauma when stuff is damaged or lost); (2) reduce, reuse, recycle material stuff (variation on the same theme: consume less — it’s a loss of time, money, energy, and brain power, and has surprisingly massive negative environmental impacts up the supply chain); (3) leave room for the unplanned and serendipitous; (4) invest some time thinking about the people where you will go and what may pleasantly surprise them; and (5) invest some time thinking about the folks at home and what will be fun to share with them (besides hopefully epic pics and stories).

Try it. To paraphrase a quote attributed to Gautama Buddha, “don’t take my word for it, test it for yourself.” Safe travels!

About Adam Sulkowski

Associate Professor of Law and Sustainability, specializing in research and teaching on sustainable business, corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability reporting, integrated reporting, and corporate and environmental law.
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  1. dwaynebarakayahoocouk says:

    This is very good Adam…even better on second reading!


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