May 25 Webinar registration info

This is the next online forum in which I’ll be speaking – with registration info, etc.

This is their official announcement:

LEARNING BY DOING: Measuring Campus Sustainability

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

11AM-12:15PM EDT

ISOS Group, an international sustainability consulting group and certified trainer for the Global Reporting Initiative (, will be hosting a webinar focused on the potential for sustainability reporting, rating and ranking tools to empower and educate students, the next generation of sustainability leaders. While the primary purpose of these tools is for the measuring, comparing, and advancement of campus sustainability, collaboration with curriculum development and students themselves provides a powerful tool for student learning.

The webinar will include perspectives from three panelists with an extensive group question and answer session. We are hoping to highlight both specific examples and general insight on how students can become a part of the sustainability measurement process. The webinar will explore barriers to the measurement and reporting of campus sustainability, along with success stories and benefits of student involvement in the removal of such obstacles.

Our guests are:
– Sally DeLeon, Measurement Coordinator, Office of Sustainability, University of Maryland
– Adam J. Sulkowski, Assistant Professor of Business Law, University of Massachusetts | Dartmouth
– Meghan Fay Zahniser, STARS Program Manager, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Interested professionals as well as faculty, administration and students from colleges and universities nation-wide are invited to join us.

Registration is available online:
Paul Coraggio, Operations Intern

ISOS Group, LLC |
sustainability reporting | external assurance | GRI certified trainings
phone: 646 584 9275

About Adam Sulkowski

Associate Professor of Law and Sustainability, specializing in research and teaching on sustainable business, corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability reporting, integrated reporting, and corporate and environmental law.
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2 Responses to May 25 Webinar registration info

  1. This was a great webinar! I am a graduate student at Northwestern University, working on a masters in higher education, administration and policy. I was unaware of these resources, organizations and ratings. I’m a huge supporter of looking at sustainability from a systems level approach. So I found this webinar, and the work done by Dartmouth, STARS, and Maryland to be incredibly informative and generated a lot of new ideas to further explore and talk with others about here in Chicago. Thank you for your participation, insight and information!

    ~Tina Weidenhammer
    MS Higher Education, Administration & Policy ’11 candidate


    • Glad you liked it! I’d be happy to give you guys some pointers if you ever want to try something similar. Aha, one point of clarification: we are UMass Dartmouth, not Dartmouth College : ) … we’re part of the University of Massachusetts system.


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